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CASE Ocean School International Study Program


Pathway into the Ocean Economy

Program Framework

Inspiring Speakers

“The only thing normal about every day is that every day is different.”

Nicole StottFormer NASA astronaut

Dr Teresa Carrette

Director and science communicator at Scientific Synergy. Tropical venomous animal ecologist, and television producer.

Dr Edwina Tanner

Project Manager of WhaleX at Ocean Nourishment Corporation submitted for the Elon Musk X prize.

Mr Brett Lewis

PhD Student and science communicator at Queensland University of Technology. Council member for the Australian Coral Reef Society.

Mr Stephen Rodan

President of Beyond Coral Foundation and inventor of CHARM coral farming robot. MIT graduate in mechanical engineering.

Mr Azri Saparwan

Marine biologist and Master Reef Guide. Operations program leader for Reef Restoration Foundation on Fitzroy Island.

Dr Marian Wong

Marine biologist based at the University of Wollongong. Behavioural ecologist of fishes on Australia’s coral reefs.